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Inspired by Science

My background includes a big win at a Chicago science fair when I was in grade school. It was thrilling for sure — but at the time it was less about the "science" and more about the budding journalist who immersed herself in the project's topic and then effectively communicated it to a panel of judges. It was a milestone.

Recently, I've been mulling over the sliding door theory — where would I be at this moment if I had committed to a path of science? That question is the outcome of several projects I've taken on for the University of Miami Rosenstiel School of Marine and Atmospheric Science on Virginia Key. The campus is rich with brainiac professors and students who are all critical thinkers and fully engaged in groundbreaking research on compelling issues — including hurricane forecasting, climate change, human health and more. Here, atmospheric and marine science is being redefined — and even sometimes entirely reshaped — by scientific and technological advances.

The Momentous Transformation video (below) was a scriptwriting project with the Rosenstiel School. It says it all. As for that path of science, well, perhaps in my own way, I am on it now.


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